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Ancore Health - Financial Analytics

Clients Engage Ancore Health to:

Understand the post-transaction financial impact associated with a medical group acquisition or joint venture.

Model the financial impact associated when partnering with another health system on an ambulatory joint venture. 

Develop a plan to mitigate the risk of provider-based billing.

Assess the financial opportunity to improve employed medical group performance.

What we provide:


Proforma Modeling

Claims Analytics

Key Initiative ROI Tracking

Black Box Analysis

case study:

midwest community based, nonprofit  health system

GOAL: Build a big box ambulatory center in a new market, inclusive of infusion center, internal medicine, radiation oncology, and endoscopy lab. 

SOLUTION:  Developed a five year proforma model, incorporating internal historical experience, market trends, and industry data sources.

VALUE: Significantly raised confidence level of management in decisions and planning.